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Mulches & Topsoils
Mulches, Soil & Soil Mixes, Compost

Homestake Nursery carries a variety of mulches, topsoil, and soil mixes. We offer delivery right to your home or come in and we will get your truck loaded. Call us for a quote.

topsoil colorado springs


Dyed Brown Metro Mulch : Colorado Springs Dyed Brown Metro Dyed Red Mtero Mulch Dyed Red Metro Fibrous Cedar Mulch - Colorado Springs Cedar, dark fibrous
(gorilla hair)
Fir Fiber Supreme Walk-on Mulch : Colorado Springs Supreme Walk-on Aspen Mulch : Colorado Springs Aspen

Soil & Soil Mixes
  • Grade A Topsoil (unscreened) **per ton
  • Grade A Topsoil (screened) **per ton
  • Topsoil & Manure (1:3 mix, needs to be tilled in)
  • Planters Mix (3 Topsoil:1 Manure mix, can plant direct)
  • Three Way Mix (topsoil, soil pep, compost)
  • Composted Cow Manure (screened)
  • Soil Pep (3/8” decomposed bark fines)
  • Bio Comp (class 1 compost) when available

Open 8-5:30 Monday to Friday. 8-5 on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

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